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Outstanding Graduates Awards in Asia

Open call for nominations now!

Deadline: 25/09/2023



Established in 2022, ART FUTURES - Outstanding Graduates Awards in Asia is the first international art award of its kind in Asia dedicated to championing the creative practices of outstanding recent graduates in the field of visual arts and associated contemporary art practices. 


In the ART FUTURES - Outstanding Graduates Awards in Asia, Art colleges and institutions throughout Asia are invited to nominate a maximum of 2 students per academic year based upon exceptional achievements, outstanding efforts, and significant contributions to the field. Entries will be assessed by a panel of judges, and a total of 8 to 10 selected works will be displayed in a group exhibition at a prestigious arts venue in Hong Kong. During the exhibition a first prize, two second prizes and three honorable mentions will be awarded to selected artists across Asia, and a 2-month residency in Hong Kong offered to the winning artist(s). Two Hong Kong prizes will also be awarded to selected local Hong Kong artists.  Student portfolios are an integral part of the selection from HK to Asia. The jury panel consists of art practitioners and educators from a variety of creative fields across the Globe. 


The Art futures initiative creates a platform where students from different schools are able to participate in the exchange of ideas. Eventually, this creative exchange can continue through the international art talents community. 


The first prize of its kind, the ART FUTURES - Outstanding Graduates Awards in Asia seeks to position itself as the preeminent award for creative excellence for recent art graduates, and a highlight of the visual arts calendar in the region. Juried by an international panel of distinguished artists, curators, and academics, the prize will globally promote the work of talented individuals from almost 100 different institutions across 12 different countries. As well as considerable financial support, the prize also offers the awardees (recent arts graduates) the opportunity to have their work exhibited at an arts venue in Hong Kong. 


The public and audiences as well as students, artists, professors, art practitioners and art amateurs in HK and across Global Asia will be benefited from this initiative through the awards, residencies programs and the exhibitions with educational programs

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