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2023 Art Futures Guidelines

Art Futures is the first international award of its kind in Asia dedicated to championing the creative practices of outstanding recent graduates in the field of visual arts and associated contemporary art practices. Art institutions across the region are invited to nominate a maximum of 2 final year students or recent graduates based upon exceptional achievements and significant contributions to the field.


Institutions are required to select a nominator (or nominators) to nominate a maximum of two nominees. Nominees should be bachelor graduated students / 3-year diploma graduated students*, within 2022 - 2023. Bachelor/ three-year diploma Students who graduated from non-fine art subjects in 2022 or 2023 but who are currently enrolled on an MFA program, and have an artwork portfolio, are also eligible for nomination.

*Nominees should be final-year bachelor's or final year 3-year diploma students in either 2022 (completing their last academic year from August 2021 to May 2022) or in 2023 (completing their last academic year from August 2022 to May 2023). We understand that educational systems can vary significantly across different countries, leading to differences in the duration of a bachelor's program. Therefore, we would like to emphasize that the eligibility criteria consider the definition of a 'final year' to extend until or before December 31, 2023.

Application deadline and submission procedure

  • The deadline for online nomination submissions is Monday, September 25th, 2023, at 11:59 pm HKT (3:59 pm GMT).

  • Either nominators or nominees can complete the nomination form, however all nomination forms must be submitted online by an institutional nominator(s).

  • A maximum of two nominations can be made by each institution.

  • Only one submission either per person or per group is allowed.

  • A nomination form must be accompanied by a portfolio of artworks (See
    submission criteria).

Transportation and delivery of accepted works

  • Art Futures will negotiate with shortlisted artists on a one to one basis to provide transportation costs for selected art works to be exhibited at Art Futures.

  • Failure to ship work to Hong Kong for exhibition at Art Futures after confirming nominee participation will result in disqualification.

  • All shipped work and hand deliveries must arrive in Hong Kong in December 2023. Official dates for delivery to be released to shortlisted artists upon notification of acceptance.

  • Late or damaged shipments will not be received.

  • Works should be shipped in reusable packing cartons for return transportation.

Exhibition and awards notification

  • The names of Art Futures shortlisted artists will be posted to the Art Futures website and confirmation emails sent on or before November 15th, 2023.

  • Prize winners will be announced during an award ceremony at the exhibition.

  • Art Futures will provide return transport to Hong Kong and accommodation for shortlisted artists.

  • Art Futures shortlisted artists must be present at the exhibition award ceremony in Hong Kong in December 2023 (from 21 December to 14 January).

Submission criteria & media specifications

  • All submissions must be made online through an institutional nominator.

  • Artworks in any medium will be considered. (Co-curators will discuss gallery limitations, such as scale and weight, with nominees when selecting works)

  • All submitted artworks must be original and created within the last two years (2022-2023). Artworks that have previously won international or regional awards in other art competitions will not be considered.

  • Nominees are required to submit a PDF portfolio with a maximum file size of 20 Mb, including the following:

  1. Up to 10 high quality images of submitted artworks. For video works (maximum length of 3 minutes) a website link (url) should be provided.

  2. A description of each submitted artwork of up to 200 words.

  3. A biography of the nominee of up to 200 words.

  •  Any submitted artwork that differs significantly from the images and description submitted in the pdf portfolio will be disqualified.

  • File names for each PDF must be in the following format:

  • Artworks submitted to Art Futures Awards cannot be exhibited or offered in any other exhibition or venue during the shipping and exhibition period, as well as during any potential touring exhibitions that may be organised by the Art Futures Awards team.

  • Exhibition work is not for sale and cannot be sold or withdrawn during the exhibition period.

  • Creative works from non-fine art disciplines, such as music, design and architecture, will not be accepted.

Artwork installation and exhibition

  • Nominees must take full responsibility for the safe packing and shipping of their artworks to the exhibition venue in Hong Kong.

  • Each work of art is received in good condition unless otherwise noted. No objects will be exhibited that might be unsafe to visitors or cause damage to the exhibition venue.

  • Artworks shipped for exhibition must be ready to install on arrival at the exhibition venue, with all the necessary hardware required for their installation.

  • Artwork installation must be completed on site within 3 days.

  • The Art Futures exhibition will be held both physically in Hong Kong and virtually online. The physical exhibition will be on view from 21 December to 14 January. Artworks will remain in the custody of Art Futures for the duration of the exhibition.

Marketing and promotional agreement

The copyright for all works exhibited in the Art Futures Asia will remain the property of the artist, but it is a condition of entry that the artist or their representatives agree unconditionally that Art Futures Asia may reproduce any exhibited works, free of charge, for the purposes of marketing, promotion, social media, merchandise, discussion and education in direct connection with the Art Futures Asia exhibition and tour, in all media worldwide including the exhibition catalogue and subsequent publications, posters, prints, postcards, the internet and within television documentaries, and may license these specific, limited rights to others only for the same purposes. Art Futures Asia also reserves the right to reproduce selected images free of charge for core non-commercial purposes, for example in the Exhibitions page of the Art Futures Asia websites and social media, indefinitely, as a public record. It is also a condition on entering the competition that the artist agrees that visitors to the exhibition venues are permitted to take photographs of their work for personal, non-commercial use during the run of the exhibition. The venues will install notices indicating that photography is permitted provided it is for personal, non-commercial use but will not be responsible if any images of the work taken by are exploited commercially.

Return of accepted works

  • Art Futures will coordinate the collection or return shipping of artworks to shortlisted artists at the end of the exhibition period.

  •  Any unclaimed artworks will be disposed of one month after the end of the exhibition.

**PLEASE NOTE: Return dates / times are to be released to the shortlisted artists upon notification of acceptance. Dates may be subject to change.


All reasonable care will be given to artworks in the custody of Art Futures. Works are insured upon receipt at the Hong Kong exhibition venue. Art Futures cannot assume responsibility for possible loss in transit, damage or deterioration incurred before arrival at the Hong Kong venue. Art Futures cannot assume responsibility for possible loss, damage or deterioration incurred during storage of artworks if not removed / picked up after the exhibition period as stated above.

Contact information

Art Futures

Terms of agreement

Upon completion of your online submission, you confirm that you understand and agree to the entry guidelines as stated above. Any submitted work that differs from those terms may be disqualified from consideration.

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